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Welcome to U.S. Gold Firm

Coins have been around for thousands of years, telling the story of humanity. Artistry, shape, and metal content all reveal something special about the time in which a coin was struck. At US Gold Firm, we know our customers aren’t just looking for a chunk of metal; they’re looking for a piece of history.

US GOLD FIRM is dedicated to providing our customers ongoing, current and customized information and individualized attention that helps them make the best decisions for collecting precious metals and coins. Our ideal is to be your long term advisors before, during, and after your collection to keep you up to date on evolving market conditions and help you stay secure.

We grew up with the Golden Rule, so our philosophy is simple. The very best we would have for ourselves – to stay well informed — is what we want for you.

Why Do We Believe You Should Own Gold?

Checks & Balances

Because our country’s founding fathers were skeptical of Government power and control, we too should be wary of that occurring again. They knew that absolute power can corrupt absolutely, so they built an unrivaled democracy based on a system of checks and balances.

Federal Reserve System

Yet, since the Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 to conduct the nation’s monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking institutions, maintain the stability of the financial system and provide financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions, it has ballooned into a large bureaucracy heavily influenced by powerful politicians and privately owned banks.

Diversify Your Assets

Collecting with just a portion of your finances in gold, a tangible asset – accepted worldwide – that rises as the dollar falls will enable you to continue your lifestyle by liquidating your gold rather than other lifelong collections. It’s just smart to not put all your eggs in one basket (the stock market, real estate, hedge funds, or even gold), but to diversify.

People Believe It is Good

Additionally, an entity outside of our nation’s central bank (the U.S. Department of the Treasury) has the sole authority to print the currency we use. As much as they want, any time they want. This currency is no longer backed by gold reserves, but by faith in our government. In other words, the money is only as good as people believe it is good.

Change in Checks & Balances

Over time our system of checks and balances has been seriously altered by powerful lawmakers, private banks, an independent treasury, and foreign governments. The possibilities of corruption or simply poor judgment have created new and greater risks.

Gold is a Hedge

Add to that, the evolution of an irreversibly linked world economy that can seriously impact our nation’s currency value and it all just seems to warrant owning gold as a hedge and insurance policy in the event our currency is heavily devalued.

How are we Different from Competitors?

  • We Have the Knowledge and Experience

    We use it to explain all of the collectible options to you (all precious metals and coins) and help you decide the collection and diversification that’s right for you.

  • This is Not a Numbers Game With Us

    Each and every one of our customers is treated with the same respect, regardless of whether they own 1 ounce or 10,000 ounces of precious metal.

  • We Love What We Do

    And we love helping our customers stay financially strong.

  • We Are an American Company

    We believe that America is the greatest country on earth. We are not a doom and gloom company that believes you should own gold because the end is near. Quite the contrary, we believe that America’s best days lay ahead.

  • We Are a Privately Owned Company

    We are neither a small retail coin shop nor a giant boiler-room call center pushing gold for commission. We are staffed with carefully selected professionals who have a real passion for and knowledge of gold, coins, and other precious metals.

  • We Take the Time to Talk to You

    When you call asking to purchase gold, we don’t quickly take your order and then make you fill out a mountain of paperwork to receive your gold. We get to know your situation and goals, and then, together, we decide if gold is really the right collection for you.

Prices and Charts

The US GOLD FIRM wants our customers to be the most informed in the world, with access to leading edge information about the precious metals markets. Besides getting you the best product available, we want to keep you ahead of the curve in an extremely fast moving information age. When you know the gold market well, we know we have done our job.

You can count on our traders and analyst to help you with any of your questions and concerns. If you have a particular piece of information you are interested in that can help you with your decision, let us customize your information for you.