US Gold Firm

Welcome to U.S. Gold Firm

Coins have been around for thousands of years, telling the story of humanity. Artistry, shape, and metal content all reveal something special about the time in which a coin was struck. At US Gold Firm, we know our customers aren’t just looking for a chunk of metal; they’re looking for a piece of history.

US GOLD FIRM is dedicated to providing our customers ongoing, current and customized information and individualized attention that helps them make the best decisions for collecting coins.

We grew up with the Golden Rule, so our philosophy is simple. The very best we would have for ourselves – to stay well informed — is what we want for you.

How are we Different from Competitors?

  • We Have the Knowledge and Experience

    We use it to explain all of the collectible options to you (all precious metals and coins) and help you decide the collection and diversification that’s right for you.

  • This is Not a Numbers Game With Us

    Each and every one of our customers is treated with the same respect, regardless of whether they own 1 ounce or 10,000 ounces of precious metal.

  • We Love What We Do

    And we love helping our customers with collectibles.

  • We Are an American Company

    We believe that America is the greatest country on earth. We are not a doom and gloom company that believes you should own gold because the end is near. Quite the contrary, we believe that America’s best days lay ahead.

  • We Are a Privately Owned Company

    We are neither a small retail coin shop nor a giant boiler-room call center pushing gold for commission. We are staffed with carefully selected professionals who have a real passion for and knowledge of gold, coins, and other precious metals.

  • We Take the Time to Talk to You

    When you call asking to purchase gold, we don’t quickly take your order and then make you fill out a mountain of paperwork to receive your gold. We get to know your situation and goals, and then, together, we decide if gold is really the right collection for you.